0 The Seeker

A new adventure. A rainbow of possibilities opens up and we have the innocent curiosity and spirit of adventure to step onto it. We are willing to take a new road with only birdsong to guide us.

What possibilities are open to you?

We all come to the world carrying many gifts. We have all come here to go on a quest to discover the best possible use of those gifts. When we fee down, looking at our gifts with fresh eyes can give us hope and open up a new rainbow road to adventure. All it takes is being open enough to listen to the blackbird’s song.

What gifts do you carry?

The Lady weaves a golden thread of joy into the tapestry of each person’s life. The Seeker is the one who follows that thread, protected by the powers who protect all innocence. Taking the journey of the Seeker connects us with the strngth of the Land. The adventure starts when we ask the Grail Question: “Why is this so?” and launch into the adventure to find the Answer.

What is the song of your golden thread?

The Seeker always brings us back to the beginning. What we have learned always brings us to a point of new beginning. We choose to set out on the adventure again and again, because the path is both journey and goal.

The Seeker can start his journey at any point on the Wheel of Life.

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