Grail Eight

It is not my time. I thought I had achieved something wonderful, but now it lies spilt. Clumsy, I knocked over the chalice with the precious liquid. And now I have to start again.

What has disappointed you?

Sometimes we really look forward to something and work hard to get it. And then when we do, our expectations are so tight and our need to get what we wanted is so great that we entirely miss the moment. And then it is too late, a chance wasted. An though it is important to feel this disappointment, we cannot get stuck there. We must accept our failure as a reason to begin again, to learn more and start another journey.

What chances and precious moments have you missed?

Having failed to achieve our dream can feel like death. To then realise that we have to start again is disheartening. But with clarity of mind we can take an overview of our lives and reclaim our sovereignty. We can dive to the depths of our feelings and defend our boundaries to find the peace of acceptance.

Can you claim your worth in the face of failure?

You can’t stay with a project that has gone stale and failed to give you joy. It is time to move on.

Grail Eight, like all eights, belongs to the Harvest Moon.

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