Grail Five

We set out with high hopes and a lot of enthusiasm. But now the wind has been taken out of our sails. We’re not getting anywhere. It has become impossible to move. All we can do is wait until the wind blows again.

Do you have patience?

We have all these plans and ideas of what we will do. But sometimes the drive just leaves. Whatever we do, it seems that the well is dry. We can try to fight this lull, but to no avail. When there is no dive, we probably need the rest, the peace and quiet. Fighting it only makes us more tired. All we can do is surrender to the stillness and let it regenerate us. All will be well: the mist will dissipate and the wind will blow again.

What does it feel like to surrender to stillness?

Don’t be afraid that the stillness will swallow you. The Sleeping Lord knows the currents of the Land, and feels when it is time to awaken. Listen to the currents and know them intimately. Surrender to them and make them explicit. This is your way to come into your personal authority. Never forget to rest after work well done.

Can you hear the currents that move your life and the life of your Land?

We fear that we will get there too late, that we will disappoint everyone. But we can trust that the timing of the tides of life is right.

Grail Five, like all fives, is associated with the Maturing Moon.

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