Grail Four

The cup lies overturned. All the precious liquid has drained out. It lies useless, like a pond of stagnant, bitter water. Feelings that never move turn sour and poisonous.

What makes you feel stagnant?

Such depression, such unmoving stagnation, such deep pain. It can drown us, swallow us up, hold us prisoner. It can hold us for days and weeks.
All it means is that we have forgotten to relate. We have looked in the mirror too deeply. We are not just ourselves. Our identity is larger. We are connected. We have relationship with all our relations around us. If we pay attention to them, we will move again.

What can you relate to just now?

The stagnant pool is not as final as it seems. In its painful depths lies an illusion: the illusion that this is our true face. We must cut away the illusion that binds us and listen to the voice of the Beloved who calls us to relationship. Let go of your tight control and be refreshed. However much we fear drowning, the Beloved is there to guide us to the land of joy.

What illusion closes your heart to relationship?

We can become so bored with the routine of life, that we find it impossible to see new blessings. Open your eyes and relate to the world.

Grail Four, like all fours, belongs to the Flower Moon.

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