Grail Hallow

This is the Grail itself, object of every quest. It is like a cool drink of water on a parched tongue. It is like rain after a hot spell. It revives and brings its greening. Life itself returns.

What revives you?

We come upon the Grail in the course of a long journey. When we find a source of inspiration, we pause and find it: the thing that revives our spirit and makes our courage bloom. It is beauty. It is awe and awen.
But it is not a thing that can be grasped and kept. We must act on the inspiration it brings and carry that out into the world. The source of inspiration and the cup of wholeness must stay for others to find.

Do you notice moments of inspiration and act on them?

The Grail Hallow gives us new inspiration and changes the flavour of our journey. It heals us from past disappointments by encouraging us to come home to our practice. There the longing for life and love will find us again and lead us to the place of celebration. Our allies on the quest, both human and spiritual, will help us find the way. To be successful on this journey, it is crucial to feel and learn from our pain and loneliness.

Have you healed your past hurts by feeling them?

The Grail brings healing and renewal. It is inspiration and refreshment that leads us on our path to joy and fulfillment.

The Grail Hallow, like all Hallows, is associated with the Maiden Moon.

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