Grail King

He sits and waits for us. He helps us to give form to our feelings so we can face them. He supports us to overcome the things that limit us.

What does your fear look like?

The Grail King invites us to look deep into ourselves. He asks our to put our negative emotions outside ourselves so we can get to know them. They are part of us and have an important role to play. We can engage with them, however frightening they look and direct them back to their true purpose. That way our wasteland will bloom again and we can become more of what we are meant to be.

What is the true purpose of the emotions that hinder you?

The Grail King engages us in an adventure with our emotions. He brings us refreshment. He asks us to pay close attention to what we feel, so we can integrate our emotions, both positive and negative, into our lives. He encourages us to look deep, so that in the end we find the place where we are deeply loved.

Where do you feel deeply loved?

He creatively counsels us so we can negotiate the confusions in our lives. He guides us into the mysteries of our own psyche. He is master of his emotions by accepting them fully.

The Grail King governs the season of Summer and the Element of Water.

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