Grail Knight

He dreams of his heart’s desire. In dream and vision he finds his direction. In song and expression he lays out his path.

What is your dream?

The Grail Knight’s aim is to be filled with an abundant love that heals all things. In his search for love, he uses his feelings as a guide. They tell him when he is on the right path or when he needs to make adjustments. They show him the next stage on the road.
He encourages us to pay attention and listen to our feelings, to live each one fully, and then to let it go. We can learn to listen and pay attention by practicing every day.

What do your feelings tell you?

Opening up fully to imagination and emotion will help us to get to know the voice of our own longing. It helps us unmask illusion so we can stand strong against the onslaught of emotion. Following our live will bring us to fulfilment and will bring our creative potential back to us. Emotion mastered is compassion and gentle strength.

Are your negative feelings caused by illusion?

This Knight must learn to share his feelings, his dreams and visions. If he does, he can lead others on unexplored paths of the quest. He can become an inspiration.

The Grail Knight and Taliesin are associated with the Fruit Moon.

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