Grail Nine

Here under the trees I have created a home. Here is where the hearth fire burns. Here is where nourishment is found. I offer them freely to al who seek a home.

What nourishment do you have to offer?

After a long period of work and growth, the time of harvest has come. As the nights are drawing in, we gather in the things we have achieved and the lessons we have learned. We commit them to the great cauldron and stir them over a fire. This alchemy makes them into a nourishing broth: a feast for those we share it with. We can’t keep all our wisdom to ourselves: it would soon go stale. Bit if we share it, it becomes a source of power for many.

What wisdom have you gathered?

We are deeply nourished by the support of our friends, the power of the land and the inspiration of the Otherworld. We can find this nourishment if we surrender control to our spirit allies and listen to their subtle guidance. If we give ourselves time to rest and wait, they will free us from imprisonment so our light can shine for all to see.

What allows you the space for your light to shine?

There is so much abundance. Some even get stuck in this well-being. But sharing it increases its value.

Grail Nine, like all nines, is associated with the Crone Moon.

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