Grail Queen

She pours out wisdom. She pours out deep love through all her senses. She gives everything she has to give.

Where do you bestow your love?

The Grail Queen teaches us how important it is to love Life, and to make love to the life that is given us. She teaches us how to engage all our senses as we learn to give our love fully, body and soul, with al our being.
She teaches us strategies to do this well. She asks us to remind ourselves regularly of our task. She says we are made to love well, and should learn to master it.

How do you love?

The Grail Queen is love: the naked energy that remains when all masks are torn away. Her gift is the courage to keep an open, loving heart, even in times of stress and worry. We can do this by discovering which worries are real and which are illusory, and by following our path faithfully. We can overcome any challenge by standing by what is right and by always loving. Love is what aligns us with power and inspiration.

Do you have the courage to stand in the world soul-naked?

She has one foot in solid reality, the other in the stream of emotion. She gives her sensuous love to all who meet her.

Together with the Cauldron, the Grail Queen is associated with the Harvest Moon.

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