Grail Seven

I have come to this castle and I can see the glamour. Is this a castle disguised as a fairy mound, or a fairy mound disguised as a castle?

Can you see that you are caught up in an illusion?

There is an illusory side to many of the choices we make in life. Relationships, careers, projects can all give us the illusion they will keep us safe forever. The truth is, however strong and valuable they are, no one thing can guarantee our safety. We can easily get stuck in all sorts of things that seem attractive and give them too much of our power and time. The way to avoid the trap is to listen to the signals of our feelings.

Can you hear the signals your body sends you?

It is our calling to share the knowledge and wisdom we have won, to be their guardian and dispenser. In order to do so wisely, we need to discern truth from illusion by using our body’s senses. If we learn the wisdom of ebb and flow, we can discard what does not serve us and bring to the world what is of value.

Is your wisdom clarified enough to share with your tribe?

So many possibilities, so many ways to choose. We must discern which possibilities serve our land and make them into reality.

Grail Seven, like all sevens, belongs to the Fruit Moon.

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