Grail Six

Water gushes from an ancient burial mound. It is caught in a wide basin and overflows, forming a stream into the world, flowing to the place where I am standing. The blessing of the Ancestors flows to us freely.

What blessings do you receive from your ancestors?

The water flowing from the mound is the blessing of the Ancestors and of memory. The Ancestors are fed by what we share with them, and what we share with them are our memories of joy within the family soul. When we feed our Ancestors in this way, we help to maintain the community of the family soul. From there, many blessings flow to us and to every member of our family, past and future.

What do you offer back to your Ancestors?

Practicing service to the Ancestors brings many blessings. The wise ones of our bloodlines will help us through many trials. They will make our work fruitful and our words wise. They give us hope because they heal our fearful soul. In their company we feel at home. Staying in communication with them and weaving them into our lives brings us home.

What do you bring home to the Ancestral hearth?

Nurture and pleasure come to us in abundance. We feel cared for and know that we are loved. Childhood memories strengthen our soul.

Grail Six, like all sixes, is associated with the Surrender Moon.

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