Grail Ten

I have come home. Here at the edge of a calm sea, apples ripe in the tree, the gulls wheeling overhead and a fire burning inside. Home. The place where my heart belongs.

Where does your heart belong?

When life gives us all its blessings, it can be hard to believe that this is real. Surely life can’t be this good? Surely I haven’t deserved this much abundance? But by thinking like that, we waste the blessings of the Universe. When life is good, we need to welcome the gift with open arms. We need to allow our bodies to relax into the joy of living easily. We can claim the blessings as our birthright, and joy as the place where we belong.

Why shouldn’t you be blessed?

We can come home to joy by deciding that we have arrived, that we are finally here in the space between power and inspiration. In this space we are known deeply and accepted truly. We know what our hearts need to be fed and claim it as our just right. And we work so we can share our treasures with all who come as guests to our home.

It is your birthright to have joy. Have you claimed it yet?

Happiness lies in the little joys of life, close to those we love.

Grail Ten, like all Tens, belongs to the Compost Moon.

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