Grail Three

The table is set for a feast of gratitude. The bounty of the Earth is evident in the trees around. Eat of her bounty. Drink the cider of last year’s fruit. Count your blessings.

What do you have to be grateful for?

The orchard gives freely of its bounty. But the Lady gives and extra blessing. If we approach her gifts with gratitude and a loving heart, she will make all that we have be precious to us. And if we live as though all is precious, she will grant us kinship with all our relations.

What is precious to you?

Grail Three happens when we are aligned with power and inspiration. If we hold that feeling in our mind and body, we can feel when its boundaries are crossed. Even when we feel imprisoned by negative thoughts, we can offer them to the transformative fire, where they will change back into joy. Don’t reach for the reward of kinship, but remember your Ancestors, whose gift is life. Give them gratitude in return.

To whom do you direct your prayers of thanks?

People share their bounty with each other in celebration. They feel related in their enjoyment of life. They are together as friends.

Grail Three, like all threes, is associated with the Leaf Moon.

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