Grail Two

Two doves drink out of the same bowl. Their intimacy is touching. It opens my heart and I hear the call of intimacy from the trees, the forest, the Land. It is the call of the Beloved, who longs for my love.

What intimacy do you long for?

Grail Two invites us to become intimate with the Land and to listen to it with all our senses. If we do that, we can hear the call of the Beloved, who lives at the very heart of our Inner Land. The Beloved shows us were we belong and nurtures us. He or she satisfies our deepest longing fro relationship and unity. Nourished by his love, we can shine in the world.

Where do you find the love that nourishes you?

The call of love demands dedication and transformation. The world is a cold and lonely place, full of pain and worry. If we wish to answer the King’s call for healing, we must leave behind all worry and embrace the life we have. Its celebration will bring the haling. Come home to the house of your calling and be warmed by love in its safe walls.

What must you do to answer the call of love?

Discovering the meaning of love. Opening to another person/spirit. Answering the call and reciprocating the love offered.

Grail Two, like all Twos, is associated with the Root Moon.

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