I Merlin

Strong are his roots; they go to the very centre of the Earth, where the red and the white dragon twist and coil. He is master of the elements and teaches the creative but responsible use of power. He mediates the powers of earth and of sky.

How strongly are you rooted in the Earth?

Merlin teaches magic. He takes you through many transformations. They come easily if you let the images flow, if you let it happen. Merlin’s power is the power to transform ourselves and our lives. In his crumbling tower we learn what has gone awry. In his tower with many windows we learn what may be. That knowledge gives us the power to act.

What do you feel?

Merlin has dedicated himself completely to the service of Sovereignty. He leads us int o personal experiences of power that do away with old blocks and doubts. We can be like Merlin if we acknowledge our victories and achievements and allow our power to shine like the sun, dissolving the morning mist. Our power is near, just beneath our skin.

How do you deny your power?

Merlin represents power and creativity in our lives. He uses his deeply rooted power to take action in the world. He focuses his will and extensive training on a clear goal.

Merlin and the Sword Knight is associated with the Root Moon.

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