III Guinevere

The Empress of the Sacred Land spins the golden thread that is our destiny. It is the path we must follow to our greatest abundance. She is the fullness and ripeness of all things. She makes us whole.

Where does the thread lead you?

Guinevere offers the milk of wholeness. She leads us to our fulfillment by spinning the golden threads that connect us to the Web of Life. When we feel connected to all that is, we become whole.

What makes you feel fulfilled?

Guinevere challenges us to live life to the full. She knows it can be disappointing to lose track sometimes, but she knows that strength only grows from actually living. When we choose to live our life, to follow her golden thread, she gives us rich milk of fulfillment. Following our longing makes our life whole in the end, especially if it takes us to challenging places. We can be Guinevere by following the path with integrity, by using our creativity to make our life abundant.

What opportunities can you create?

She is total abundance. She is the reward for following the thread of longing. She is passionate about the textures of life and revels in them. She gives fertility in all endeavours. She is Mother and she is Queen.

Guinevere pours out her abundance and fulfillment at Lammas. She is Brigit.

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