IV Arthur

Arthur represents the source of each person’s inner authority. He is the motivator of our actions in the world and the call of our longing to live. He is the King of a woman’s heart and the father of her creative children. He is the Beloved of her soul.
Arthur is also the Champion and Lord of the Sacred Land. He speaks for her with the authority of a beloved and loving husband. He acts to defend her, so that she may thrive.

What is the source of your authority?

Arthur is deep authority. He is the strong defender of spiritual knowledge gathered from experience. He is that part of each person that knows what to do next so that life may thrive for the good of all the Land.
He is the active side of life, the making and the growing. He defends the dragon power of the Land, and calls up the serpent that rises in people. Answering his call brings us to our personal authority.

What is your answer to his call?

Following the call isn’t always easy, but it makes you whole. Arthur give us courage to live our own adventure and go our own way. Dedication to listening for and answering this call leas us to the heart of our lives. Listen to your senses. Go on the adventure.

Where does your longing lead you?

Arthur’s love calls us with the voice of longing. He leas us into our power to act for the good of all. From that power we can act with authority and leadership. He is the father of our creative children.

Arthur’s power shines most brightly at Midsummer.

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