IX The Grail Hermit

The Hermit withdraws from life for an extended period of rest and reflection. He knows that if he doesn’t find the Grail, the vessel of Joy, within, he will not find it without. He has left behind all but the bare necessities and only journeys in the inner worlds.

If you let it all go, what would remain?

The Grail Hermit shows us that the Grail, the source of Joy in our lives, is within everyone’s reach, if only we would stop trying to change its face. He shows people the way to the Grail, and teaches them to look for it nearby. Knights go on many quests, but the final journey is made in the heart. The Grail is made with ordinary tools, and can be found every day. Peace comes when we perceive that the grail is near and we already have everything we need to find it. But our passion, our desire to find Joy, must be kept alight. Then our Land will flower always.

How are you trying to change the face of the Grail?

The wise man helps us see the golden thread the Lady wove into the tapestry of our lives. He helps us hear the call of the Beloved in our very veins. And when we have answered his questions, he invites us to share his wisdom with all existences.

Why are you fighting what is?

The Hermit signals a time of withdrawal, a moment to examine the road travelled so far. The wise one will give him the counsel and guidance he needs. He is the voice of the inner guide or guardian angel.

The Grail Hermit and the Stone Knight are associated with the Compost Moon.

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