Spear Eight

So fast! I ride on the current of my enthusiasm. It is exhilarating but beyond my control. Many ideas come. I am flowing.

What current carries you?

Once a current of inspiration takes us, we can fight against it or ride it. Riding it is what we are meant to do, even when the rapids take us and throw us down waterfalls of fear. This is our current, our stream of energy, and we must manifest it into this world. All we can do is go with the strong pull of the current, and when it overwhelms us we can breathe through the fear until we are cast upon the furthest shore. There the real work begins.

Can you breathe and stay aware through the rapids of your life?

Fighting the just fight is a blessed adventure that will transform us. We have been defeated and we must acknowledge that it is not yet our time, combining our ambition with our disappointment. But if we listen to the currents that flow through our land and look deeply at our wounds and our joys, victory will come in the end.

Is it the right time to manifest this energy?

Things are moving so fast it is easy to feel out of control. But this is your ride: ride it well.

Spear Eight, like all eights, belongs to the Harvest Moon.

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