Spear Five

Sunrise on the chosen day. The spears stand ready to be crossed in battle. I have to fight my corner. Accepting the fight is the only honourable thing to do. Will my honour defeat my fear at this moment of choice?

Which is stronger: your honour or your fear?

Sometimes conflict is inevitable. When people live together, their boundaries are crossed. It is of crucial importance that the are re-drawn. It doesn’t matter who wins. It is not a case of winning or losing, but of standing by our integrity. Find the courage to stand your ground and discover your honour.

What is worth fighting for?

Choose your conflicts carefully. The things that are worth fighting against are the ones that draw us away from our centre and the longing of our soul . We can learn a lot from the challenges that throw us off centre. We can gently defend ourselves by being grounded and centred and discerning reality from illusion. But if we know a fight is just, it is worth fighting. It will renew us and return us to joy.

What draws you away from your centre?

This fight is played by the rules. It is a healthy conflict for a right cause, for the resolution of an imbalance. If we fight cleanly, a resolution will renew us.

Spear Five, like all fives, is associated with the Maturing Moon.

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