Spear Hallow

Standing in the blaze, at the heart of the fire. Roaring flames all around and inside. All-consuming passion. This fire can crate and utterly destroy.

What rages inside you?

We all hold a flame inside us. We are all connected to the fires of creation that moulded the world and set fire to the stars. This raging flame lives in us all, with the potential to create or to burn utterly.
We can transform the raging fires of our passions by giving them shape and purpose. We can control them and give them direction, so that they can be used to heal. Because the fire will find its expression, if not to create, then to destroy.

Have you found a purpose for your passion?

The fire of the Spear Hallow is power and inspiration combined. It is the gift of the Ancestors, that allows their blessing to be shared by all. If we can break free from our self-imposed prison of fear and stand in the flow of power and inspiration, we will be able to face the fierce rage within. If we fail this test, our spirit will die.

How are you holding back the gift of your power?

Energy, excitement, the desire to be, to live. Passion and creativity. This power can overwhelm.

The Spear Hallow, like all Hallows, is associated with the Maiden Moon

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