Spear King

He is passionately creative and he uses his art for the good of his people. He transforms things in his forge. He changes old things so they become useful again.

What skill do you use to serve your people?

The Spear King teaches the alchemy of smithcraft. He shows us how to purify the rough iron ore of your talents. He asks us to choose a vocation and a practice as a mold.. Then, he teaches us to hone and work on our skills until they become good tools that are of use to our people. The only way to do this purification and shaping is by using and faithfully practicing our creative skills and being true to our craft.

What craft do you practice for the good of your soul?

The Spear King speaks with the voice of the Beloved. He can guide us through darkness and storm into the forest of our creative calling. His teaching gives us the freedom to fly with our skills and create liberally. We can be creative by not being too ambitious too soon, but opening to the flood of inspiration. We must be true to our practice, rebuilding it when it falls into disrepair, so we can follow the calling of our soul.

Are you faithful to the practice of your craft?

He is passionately committed to his craft. He has supreme confidence in his powers, and he teaches us how to heal through faithful creative practice. His passion is expressed as creativity and sexuality.

The Spear King belongs to the season of Summer and the Element of Fire.

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