Spear Knight

Before you have even asked him for help, he singles out the best course of action and then gives all his energy to it. He hurtles headlong into the adventure.

What is your first priority?

The Spear Knight is completely present in the here and now. He has chosen his priority so that he can give himself to it completely. He is awake and aware and aligned with his purpose. He feels his exhilarating ride. He feels the thrill of being alive and enjoys the feeling. He gets totally involved. He becomes the task at hand. If any part of us is holding us back, the Spear Knight advises us to take that part with us and let it share in the experience.

Are you awake and present?

He urges us to make a commitment to the quest. He asks us to give up looking at the possibilities and take up the challenge of making them actual. If we identify with the power within the Land, our inner strength will grow and we will be protected on our adventures. We can overcome disappointment by bringing together all our allies and resources for our purpose.

Can you feel the power of the Land? Can you feel it in your bones?

The Spear Knight fearlessly rides into the adventure. He is a great champion and companion, as long as no-one tries to control him or hold him back.

The Spear Knight, together with the Round Table, corresponds with the Flower Moon.

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