Spear Maiden

She is very focused. She knows exactly what she wants and directs all her being to her goal. She can concentrate but also gains an overview, so her energy is in harmony with the Land.

What do you really want?

The Spear Maiden teaches us what it takes to fulfil our destiny. She knows our destiny is revealed by our longing and our Beloved’s call. But she also knows that the one thing we must learn in this lifetime is how to become the answer. It takes concentrated dedication to learn how to throw a spear accurately. Like the hawk the Maiden carries on her wrist, we must become all purpose directed towards our goal. This is how we learn to be what we are meant to be.

What propels you to your destiny?

The Spear Maiden has made up her mind to fulfil her soul’s purpose. Her gift is surrender to the truth of what is, however painful, for that is our only possible starting point. If we go from there and make gentle progress on our chosen road, we will be aided by the blessings of Spirit and bring joy to the Land.

Have you decided to make the journey?

She is the excitement and eagerness of a journey newly begun. Having made her decision, she is faithful, forthright and fearless. She travels with joy and playfulness.

The Spear Maiden, together with the White Hart correspond with the Wedding Moon.

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