Spear Nine

Standing by the shore, at the edge of a cliff. Feeling the power of the rock rising up through me. I stand tall and strong. I will weather the storm.

Where does your strength come from?

Sometimes our lives throw such a lot at us. Our work, relationships and projects feel overwhelming, like a great storm closing in. We can let the storm inundate us and carry us away. Or we can feel where the solid ground is beneath our feet and identify with its strength. Here is rock, here is good fertile soil. If we identify with the earth and its strength, we can stand tall and proud knowing that nothing can throw us.

What is your connection with the earth?

If we are stuck in the rut of our life, and we can no longer find its value, the Dark Goddess will come rip us away from the security of the familiar and put us at the edge the cliff where we can hear the call of our longing. We will be confronted with a strong call to use our gift for the good of our community. There we will learn who we are and be compelled to manifest our dream.

What will make you act on your dream?

With the power of the land under us and behind us, we can be a strong protector and guardian.

Spear Nine, like all nines, is associated with the Crone Moon.

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