Spear Queen

She has a strong connection with the Ancestral Spirit of the Land. She draws her strength from it and gives of herself to it.

Are you connected with the Ancestors?

The Spear Queen is passionately connected to the Land. She hears the voice of its spirit calling. She answers the call by giving all of her love, engaging her heart, and all her senses. She knows that this dedication is a dedication to the Beloved, because he is the power in the Land. By giving such love, she can find the missing side of herself and become whole.
She asks us to make that same commitment so that we may live passionately.

Are you ready to dedicate yourself?

She follows a path of deep dedication. She enters into her task fully, using all her senses. She is focused completely. She battles with distractions and fights off negative thoughts. She realises that only by following the passionate desire of her heart she can truly serve. She asks where we have been lacking and how we can improve our practice.

How can you recommit to your practice?

The Spear Queen is confident and strong, radiant in her sexuality that is strongly bound up with the power of the Land.

The Spear Queen, together with the Green Knight, relates to the Maturing Moon.

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