Spear Seven

The fortress is ancient and fallen to ruin. Still, I feel something important is hidden here. But the spear blocks the gateway. It stands sentinel, guarding a deep secret.

What is blocking your access to your hidden treasure?

There is a secret treasure hiding deep within each of us. It is the secret of who we are. It is hidden in the abandoned ruins of our lives, the places we have left out of fear. We took on the rules of our society that would forbid us to live our authentic wild lives. But if we examine those negative messages and see what it is they forbid, we will come to the treasure that is our secret and our glory.

Where do the negative rules lead you?

Longing calls us, the voice of desire for life, to go on an adventure. Deep down we know our secret treasure: we dream of it and see it when we take a good look at our life. So we must guard it well. The knowledge will grow strong in us if we follow the marks along the road and stand fully in the flow of life.

What is your dream of who you are?

Act out the strength of your convictions and stand up for what you believe. Or ignore the negative reactions of people around you. Be courageous. Be you.

Spear Seven, like all sevens, belongs to the Fruit Moon.

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