Spear Six

The Sun rises. In the valley, mist lingers. A path climbs up a man-made mound, and at its top another sun rises: a flag is raised in celebration of my victory.

Do you give yourself credit for your achievements?

We have been granted many gifts. It is no use feeling unworthy. The only honourable thing to do is acknowledge what we have been given and to share it with all. But as we go down to mound, we shouldn’t hide beneath the foggy blanket of fear. Don’t play small. Keep a view of the peak experience as you share with All Your Relations.

What power has been given you to share?

The power of Spear Six comes from connection with our senses and the elements. If we follow their subtle currents, we will find the fire of our passion. Stepping into the fire, senses blazing, we are transformed into a fire that unites. We are asked to work steadily at bringing our fire to our people, while at the same time preserving the silence that connects us to power and inspiration. This connection makes our fire sacred.

What do you need to do to make your fire sacred?

Our work has gained us recognition, and has given us the self-confidence that inspires others. Stay connected and sustain that power.

Spear Six, like all sixes, is associated with the Surrender Moon.

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