Spear Ten

The castle looks quite close – I could virtually touch it. Surely it can’t be much further to go? But then I notice the path winding down into the valley and up the steep hill and I feel disheartened.

What prospect makes your heart sink?

Sometimes the going is tough and our chosen path seems hard going and never ending. We feel exhausted and can’t find the resources to keep going. The first thing we need to do in that situation is to give ourselves time to pause. And in that pause, that moment of stillness, we will find the memory of our inspiration – the reason we started this this journey in the first place. This memory will sustain us as we do the only thing possible: continue our journey step by tiny step.

What is your reason for being here?

At one point, the path of our dream will become a difficult path of dedication. It may become a cause of worry that makes us feel isolated and alone. This is the point where we must hold on to the part of our dream that is right and true. With this treasure we can face even the greatest challenge. We must let go of our desire to control and let the path itself be our guide. Then we will be what we have dreamed and the Ancestors will bless us abundantly.

Is it really as bad as you fear?

We can’t pretend we are strong enough to bear it all by willpower alone. We must let go before we break.

Spear Ten, like all Tens, belongs to the Compost Moon.

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  1. bernadette maurice said,

    30 March, 2010 @ 8:25 pm

    i am writing a book called spearmaidens. my mother and her sister are dene indians from the northwest territories in canada, and recorded an album in 1992 called ‘spearmaidens’.

    i was looking online for a defination of the word, and came across what you had written on the spear maiden. i would like to use what you wrote on the first page before the memoir begins, but do not have a name to credit the writing to.

    please let me know if you are alright with this, and who you would like the credit to go to.

    also if you can enlighten me a bit more on the spear maiden, i would really appreciate it. there isn’t much online.

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