Spear Three

This is a good place to rest. Here in the hollow between the roots of this great tree. I let its roots guide me down into the Land, and its branches up to the sky. In this place, power and inspiration come to guide me.

Where do you find guidance?

When the journey becomes a habit and life a series of habits, stop and sit with a tree. Sit still for a while and listen. Why are you on this journey? Is there anything you can do in service of your vision? Let the Land speak of its need. Imagine how your need fits with its pain. If you heal yourself with the intent to heal the Land, beauty will happen.

What do you hear when you listen for the need of the Land?

The Land needs you to stand strong like a tree, letting power and inspiration flow through you. In order to do that, you need to drink deeply from the cup of life, living every moment fully. You must keep the balance between protection that keeps you safe, and the exploration of boundaries that will allow you to fly free from fear.

Where do you feel challenged yet held safe?

Spear Three stands in a position of power. From this strength, we seek new challenges that will allow power and inspiration to flow out into the world.

Spear Three, like all threes, is associated with the Leaf Moon.

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