Spear Two

The landscape is open and welcoming. I feel like soaring like a hawk high over that landscape, looking at it from up high, getting to know its secrets. And then I pounce and catch my prey.

What can you see if you take some distance?

People have dreams of what they might be able to achieve, of how they can gain mastery over their chosen field. If we follow our longing, we will learn about what we love. We will fell its currents and know its contours. By really knowing what we love, we can find the medicine that will bring harmony between the people and the spirits of the Land.

What do you love enough to know it well?

Spear Two challenges us to take up our power and to let it soar across the landscape of our lives. We all have wounds that hold us back, but by accepting them we can free our power and share it generously with our community. Our blessings are plenty and help is always available. So we can embrace our radiance and shine it out into the world.

How can you shine your light on the needs of the Land?

Count your blessings and your past success and use them as a foundation for greater adventure.

Spear Two, like all Twos, is associated with the Root Moon.

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