Stone Eight

This project needs to be finished. It is time someone did some serious work on this. The sun is just rising, so there is time to do it today. It is no use postponing this any longer.

What is waiting to be finished?

The only way to become confident in what we do is by doing it. Practice is the sacred task of being here and now. It asks us to pay attention only to what we are doing. In the here and now, there is no need to be afraid, there is no need to think ahead to the end result, no need to feel judged. Bless your work with the sunlight of your concentrated attention and it will shine for the world.

Do you give your work your full attention?

Our work is a place where we can shine and make our dreams real in service of our community. It is essential to stay true to our vision and follow the voice of our longing so we can build our confidence and inner peace. Deep down we know the truth of our gift: it aligns us with power and inspiration.

Does your work align with your vision and deep longing?

Apply yourself faithfully to your work and perfect you skills and confidence.

Stone Eight, like all eights, belongs to the Harvest Moon.

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