Stone Four

All this treasure just lying there. All this riches being hoarded in a mound. It should be used and enjoyed. There should be a feast and games. Here, the treasure is lonely.

Do you use your treasure?

We have not learned to freely share our treasure. We are so frightened of our own power and other people’s judgment that we would rather shut it in a box and forget it than show it to the world. But if we hold strongly to our values and the power that comes to us from our guardian spirits, we have the strength to open up and to show what we have to the world. Sharing freely with others multiplies our treasure.

What powers help you to share your treasure with the world?

We are asleep and our treasure is buried, useless and alone, because of our fear. Our anxiety has built a barrier that has given us a false sense of security. Sleeper, you must awaken. We must fill ourselves with your true power, with the power of your guardian spirits. This will make us strong to take up our gift, the mantle of our calling, and become a giver of gifts between the worlds. Sharing our abundance will bring us home to the house of joy. Take up your gift and share your abundance freely.

What gifts do you have to share?

Material possessions and vocational gifts can give us a sense of security. But if we hold them to tightly, the cut us off from the world.

Stone Four, like all fours, belongs to the Flower Moon.

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