Stone Hallow

A place deep in the Earth, in the bosom of the Land. A place to face the darkness within. A place to go deep. A place where you survey what passes through you.

What is hidden in the darkness?

The gaming board shows us the energies that are moving through our life. The dark cave is the Earth’s womb. Here we meet our deepest power. This is the force that makes the chess pieces move, the Intelligence that arranges their pattern. Here is where you feel safe enough to let the seed crack open.

What power lies deep within?

The Stone Hallow gives us the gift of physical joy and riches. But if we deny it, it may imprison us. We have to go through our fear to find its power.
Its power is like the force of things that grow: inexorable. But it is a source of joy and celebration. It is the power that will help us follow our vision and bring Spirit to this Land.

What do you find beyond your fear?

Immerse yourself in the magic of nature. Watch the things that grow. Feel the force of the Earth beneath your feet. Feel the joy. Be secure there, and then share your treasure with the world.

The Stone Hallow, like all Hallows, is associated with the Maiden Moon.

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