Stone King

He is the guardian of the gate that leads into the Sacred Land. He is solid and strong, and his hound mirrors his faithfulness. He is utterly trustworthy.

What in your life can you trust?

The Stone King teaches us how to build a solid foundation for our lives. He shows us how important it is to belong somewhere, to have a stable home. We can give ourselves such a home by connecting to our ancestors and by being consistent in our practice. This way, we become trustworthy guardians of our tradition, gatekeepers to the wisdom of our inspirers, and strong people with roots deep in the earth.

Are you a trustworthy guardian?

The foundations of belonging are deeply important. In order to live fully, we need to overcome many challenges. The Stone King guides us through them by showing us how we can come home: we need to establish a consistent, stable practice that is our foundation. Within this practice, we need the support of our family’s soul. If we can turn to this home, we can let go of our defenses, face our fears, and stand proudly in the world.

Where is your home of practice?

The Stone King is patient and takes his responsibility. He doesn’t judge, but allows us to return to faithful practice. Because of this foundation, he is able to relax into the abundance of life.

The Stone King relates to the Winter season and the Element of Earth.

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