Stone Knight

Despite the cold and the loneliness of the road, the Stone Knight continues upon his quest. His progress is slow but steady. He faithfully serves the Land, searching for the return of Joy.

Are you faithful to your purpose?

He serves the Sovereignty of the land faithfully. The Elements teach him Her wisdom and tell him of Her need. He always does what is asked of him. He dedicates himself fully to one task at a time, until the task is done or his service no longer needed. He listens to the voice of his body to tell him when he needs rest. He works steadily and follows a straight road to his goal.

What is asked of you?

The Stone Knight is very certain of his own worthiness to serve. He assesses carefully what is needed and sets out to fulfil his task without hesitation. He does not hold back and shares the treasure that his service brings him with all. His priority is the quest and he is dedicated to it with love. He knows the value of his own qualities and of his work.

Do you know your own worth?

This Knight serves faithfully. He is patient and methodical and stubbornly commited to his service.
The Stone Knight, together with the Grail Hermit, is associated with the Compost Moon.

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