Stone Nine

In the clearing by the sacred symbol stone I stand. Just being here awakens all my senses. I feel the joy of being alive on my skin, and I can smell it in the resinous air. I can see its vibrancy and taste it in everything around me. Everything is alive and so am I.

What awakens your senses?

The earth is our home, our mother. We tend to crawl around on her skin and barely notice she is there. But she has given us all that we are and all that we have. If we are to truly live, we must re-connect with her. We must find our deep roots in the dark earth. We must find and offer her our respect, our devotion and love. When we do, she teaches us. She shows us how wild she is and how we are her children.

Where do your roots go deep?

Finding our roots of earth and of blood awakens us to the gifts of our ancestry, and to our own strength to stand up for our vision. It teaches us to tell vision from illusion, and to let go of our anxiety, so we can ground our dream through our senses. Our roots allow us to feel the currents of power and emotion, so we can find our victory and stand with pride in our achievements.

What anxiety keeps you from grounding your vision?

We have worked hard to ground our vision. Now we can enjoy what we have accomplished.

Stone Nine, like all nines, is associated with the Crone Moon.

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