Stone Queen

The Stone Queen is aware of the state of the Land. Everything that happens is laid out on her gaming board. She asks us to be aware of the state of our own lives, our own sacred Land.

Look into my mirror. What do you see?

By watching the movements of the pieces on her gaming board, the Stone Queen keeps track of what is going on in her Land. She asks us to do the same: to watch and listen for the sensations and emotions that move through our bodies. This way we can get to know ourselves deeply. She teaches us that trying to deny these movements, however painful they are, is a lie.

What is moving across the board of your life?

She knows how to listen with her body. She uses her perception of shifts in energy for the good of the Land. Her gift is the practical action she takes for the healing of the wasteland. She shows us how to see through illusion by relying upon our inner guidance. She shows us what is hidden in the Land and in our lives: the nourishment of the Ancestors and the richness of our gifts.

What lies hidden in your desolate wasteland?

The Stone Queen appreciated the good things in life. She takes comfort from her possessions, feels blessed by her inner treasury, and is nurtured by the Ancestors. All these things she shares generously.

The Stone Queen, together with The Spiral Tower, is associated with the Seed Moon.

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