Stone Seven

Boundaries are like dry stone walls. Sometimes part of them falls down and needs re-building. We need to maintain them, because they are what keeps us safe from intrusion.

Is your boundary in good repair?

Asserting our boundaries can cause conflict with others. Especially if we have given them easy access to our power for a while. But usually, it is a simple matter of housekeeping, of noticing where our power is leaking out and re-building simple ways of caring for ourselves. This is a sacred task. Like repairing our houses is also a sacred task. It stops leaks from appearing and mould from creeping in. Simple, but full of power.

Are you faithful to your sacred tasks?

Protecting the boundaries of your land is crucial. Failing to do so results in a parched wasteland where contact with the Beloved is lost, and where the Maidens no longer serve at the wells. Keeping the boundaries safe takes dedication to our spiritual practice. We must stay aware of what is hidden behind the obvious. If we remain dedicated to our heart’s desire, we can remain safe and restore hope to the land.

Do you work steadily for your heart’s desire?

Take a good look at our work. Look at what has been achieved and what still needs doing. What needs regular maintenance? Be faithful to your task for the good of all.

Stone Seven, like all sevens, belongs to the Fruit Moon.

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