Stone Six

A fire roars at the centre of a stone circle. The stones receive heat and light from the fire, but also reflect it back to the centre and to each other. Overhead, the stars of the Great Bear shine.

What do you receive? What do you give?

Warming myself at the fire, I can hear the stones talk. They are the bones of the land and they are lonely: the people have forsaken them. They long for us to learn again how to listen to the land and to each other. They wish for all things to live in community again. They wish for us to share our gifts with those who wish to learn, so the community may grow and there will be hope fore peace.

What treasure do you have to share?

Take time to listen to your dreams. They show where you must sere and dedicate your energies. Listen to your emotions. They will teach you about yourself and save you from the traps of illusion. If we serve faithfully, there is yet hope for a brighter future. We will have our victory.

What need does the land speak to you?

Stone Six is the sharing of the first harvest. Much is given us, so much we can and must share. In a community, we receive as much as we give. And the whole is greater than its parts.

Stone Six, like all sixes, is associated with the Surrender Moon.

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