Stone Ten

A place to come home to. Somewhere to curl up warm and sleep while outside winter reigns. A place where treasure is gathered and appreciated. Tracks lead here, none come out.

Where is your treasure kept safe?

Coming home and resting is something we all need to do. In our busy lives it can be really hard to find the time to sleep more, to sit in the dark and just be. It is imperative for our health and well being that we do it anyway. But even in the bustle of life we can find the qualities of home and rest. Our real home, the place where we can just exist, is the here and now. The time between time and the place that is no place takes us home to our true identity and to Spirit.

Can you stay in the here and now?

Be generous to yourself. Allow yourself to rest and be nurtured before rest is forced on you. We can learn how to do what needs to be done in your life while still being in a state of rest. We must sacrifice what is inessential and align ourselves with the here and now. We can enter deeply into the sensuality of our life as it is and let its abundance nurture us. Count the many blessings of your life.

Where is the comfort and abundance in your life?

Abundance and security may seem boring, but our lives can be a deep source of nurture.

Stone Ten, like all Tens, belongs to the Compost Moon.

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  1. greybear64 said,

    9 April, 2009 @ 3:00 pm

    greetings sister,read with great interest your articals,they struck a cord with me as i have undergone invesive surgury recently,my mantra to get over it were the words of my old grandfather :whipe your bloody nose and keep on greybear

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