Stone Three

The giant on the Hill is the Ancestor who shaped this Land. He made the tools that cleared the forest from the valley and ploughed the first fields. He poured the power of his creativity out upon the Land. We are still fed because of his labour and that of his descendants.

What blessings come to you from the Ancestors?

We are never working alone. We are part of a community of spirits. Ask for their help and pray for their blessing on your projects. They will help us and guide us if we ask. They will bless us in ways we never thought of. Maintain that community of friends in whatever world, for support is always needed.

How do you acknowledge the community of spirits that guides your work?

Stone Three is Love made manifest. It is community of people and the Land, of spirit and ancestry. We are all bound together by love, and we do well to count the many blessings it brings us. If we enter into this relationship fully, we will feel expansive and joyful. We will learn from the wide community and become a bridge between the worlds. But we must be humble and remember that we cannot live our lives alone.

Where do you need the loving support of your community?

Working in relationship with the spirits brings mastery and accomplishment.

Stone Three, like all threes, is associated with the Leaf Moon.

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