Stone Two

From the top of the valley, two streams flow through the frozen land towards us. At the marker of the standing stone, they combine and mix their waters and flow on together. Two talents, two influences, two ideas, or two sets of resources need to be combined.

Which two things must be combined?

All of us have parts of our personality that seem contradictory. We can be quiet and boisterous, loving and firm, playful and serious. Sometimes we don’t show aspects of ourselves, because we don’t like them, or because they don’t seem appropriate at the time. But what happens if we combine two parts of ourselves that seem contradictory? We will be able to live more fully, to bring more balance into our lives.

What will happen if you show all aspects of yourself?

When we combine our sensuality, our ability to go with the flow, and our hard work for our gift, we will find the sovereignty of our lives. We will be more balanced human beings, strong in our sense of vocation. We can use our experience and our love of life to work within the structures of the world. This becomes possible if we accept all aspects of ourselves.

Do you accept all your qualities and aspects, however painful?

Keep all of yourself in play. Do not sacrifice part of yourself in favour of another. Keep dancing with all of what you are.

Stone Two, like all Twos, are associated with the Root Moon.

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