Sword Five

The battle was hard and bloody. I fought as bravely as I could. But we have been defeated. We have lost our home and our land is burnt. All we have now is ashes. And I can’t help thinking I could have fought more bravely…

What do you feel guilty about?

Staring defeat in the face, it feels as though everything is lost. We go over the whys and wherefores. We might even face regret about what we could have done differently. The only way through is to ask the Grail Question: Why are things like this? Any invasion of our heartland implies that our boundaries were weak, that our centre wasn’t occupied. If we are willing to learn from our mistakes, new life may grow.

How did you get into this situation?

Life isn’t always easy. Sometimes a fight ends in defeat and disappointment. Two things will get us through it: a decision to positively focus on the life we want to live, and a strong sensual connection to the Earth and all beings one the Web of Life. If we take up our place in the world and stay connected, we can shed the negativity that defeats us and come home.

What do you want your life to be?

We are defeated and feel broken and shattered by our loss. But if we learn from our mistakes, hope will rise again.

Sword Five, like all fives, is associated with the Maturing Moon.

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  1. Kitty said,

    10 February, 2008 @ 5:32 am

    P.S. As a newcomer to Tarot, I would also like to say that this is my first time seeing the pentacles suit referred to as “stones.” I like this concept, as it makes for some rather interesting and insightful card interpretations. Take, for instance, the 7 of stones, which you described on this website as a stone wall in need of repair, i.e., a relationship that may need better boundaries. What an apt metaphor that is. I am in need of better boundaries myself, and so the next time I think about this card, I will meditate on this card.

    Thanks again for creating this site.

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