Sword Four

This is a place of stillness. It is a sacred place. Here, I come to listen, and to hear. Here, I receive the blessings of the Light.

Do you take time to be still?

We must make sacred time and sacred space. We must learn to be still and listen. Only in the stillness can we hear the story of our own heart and the story of the Mother. Only in stillness does the song find its healing note. Be still and listen.

What song do you hear in the stillness?

Being still and quiet gives us so many gifts. It allows us to sort true thoughts from illusion. It allows us space to feel our emotions and bring them to harmony. This will help us become a faithful guardian of our boundaries and a strong defender of our realm. It also gives us time to practice gratitude for the abundant gifts of life. Stillness will shine a light of clarity on our path.

Do you feel the edges of your true self?

Withdrawal and contemplation may bring rest and harmony. But it can be tempting to use it as an escape. Contemplate life, not illusion!

Sword Four, like all fours, belongs to the Flower Moon.

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