Sword Hallow

A sword rises. Light reflects from its blade and sets off its keen edge. We are given a glimpse, a flash of truth, a lightbulb moment. This is a new idea, a new beginning.

What strikes you?

The Sword Hallow imparts one simple but eternal truth: you are the Light. The Light of the sky reflects from its surface and fills us. And when we are so blessed, it is our duty to shine. It is our duty to share that light with all people and all life. And it is our duty to let others shine their light, to bring it out of them.

How do you share your light?

The Sword Hallow brings healing and harmony by awaking the innate powers of the Land. It asks us to connect to its light by working with the Ancestors and our closest allies. They will give us inner strength ad a true connection with our passion. This way, we can share the Sword Hallow’s blessing with the world.

Are you connected with your Ancestors and spirit allies?

The Sword brings clarity of the mind. It brings light to dark places. It cuts through knotty problems and finds rational solutions. It is the light of the mind.

The Sword Hallow, like all Hallows, is associated with the Maiden Moon.

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