Sword King

He sits in a high place, taking a wide view of the Land. His judgment is as keen and sharp as his vision. His mind is precise and rational. He draws clear lines between right and wrong.

How do you discern the gold from the dross?

The Sword King’s sharp vision discerns clearly what lives in our souls. He urges us to give up our smallness to be all that we can be. He encourages us to live by our soul’s calling, even in small things. He teaches us to enter into all of life with the integrity of our soul’s highest truth. He challenges us to take the leap of faith in ourselves and our wild souls.

How deep can you go and how high can you soar?

He is the guardian of our soul’s integrity. He discerns its longing and the paths it must follow. He knows our highest potential and asks us to embrace it fully, so our vision can be made real. He encourages us to open fully to experience all the gifts of Life, so that our Land may come to its flowering. But he is also aware of limits and asks us to negotiate them wisely.

What is your highest vision of yourself?

His intellect makes his judgment fair. His forceful analysis is clear and true. He follows his idealistic vision with integrity.

The Sword King belongs to the season of Spring and the Element of Air.

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