Sword Knight

There is no doubt of his courage. He understands the plight of the land and calmly but insightfully speaks up for justice. He defends sovereignty with his words and cuts through difficulties swiftly.

Do you speak out for justice?

His mind is his weapon. He keeps it well-honed so he can use it as a tool in his fight for what is right. he asks the right questions and finds the right answers that cut right through complex problems. He cuts through to the truth, which is easier to deal with than perceived difficulties. Once he has chosen the right way to go, he sticks to his path.

What course of action will cut through the problem?

The Sword Knight lives in his five senses. This helps him to stay alert so he can discern between truth and lie, between right and wrong. He is a bridge between the world of Spirit and this world, implementing the advice of the Otherworld in this one. His gift is a tranquil mind that knows when to let go of worries. He works steadily for what is right and brings his vision to fruition.

Are you alert enough to discern truth from lie?

The Sword Knight is brave and courageous. When he has decided on a course of action, he is unstoppable. He gives his all for justice.

Together with Merlin, the Sword Knight is associated with the Root Moon.

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