Sword Maiden

The Sword Maiden knows instinctively what is needed. Her sharp mind sees the way forward in an instant, and she takes the necessary action. In order to find the Source of Wholeness she will sacrifice her hair, her reputation, her very life.

What will you sacrifice for the good of all?

She has cut off her hair in service of her ideals. She has given up parts of her self-image that no longer serve her. She invites us to look at the parts of our self-image that limit and bind us, and to cut ourselves free from them. Her clear vision sees through to the glorious truth about herself and clearly affirms it. This gives her the courage to sacrifice.

Which image of yourself no longer serves you?

The Sword maiden reacts swiftly to the call of greatest need. She knows what ails the Land and has the resources that will help her answer the need. She feels nourished by the Land and knows her own worth. This gives her strength and integrity as she cuts through the bonds of imagined worthlessness and does what she must do.

What is your true worth?

She is alert and vigilant, dedicated to truth and justice. She acts with swift intelligence to cut through limiting thoughts and difficulties. She explores the wonders of the mind.

Together with The Star, the Stone Maiden is associated with the Maiden Moon.

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