Sword Queen

She uses her razor sharp mind to cut a clear path through her thoughts. What is helpful and what is not? What encourages me on the path and what drags me down?

Are these thoughts helpful?

Her mind is the Sword Queen’s keenest weapon. She keeps it sharp and clean. With its point, she targets thoughts and emotions. She observes them closely. If they are unhelpful, she cuts them out and lets them go. She stands securely in her identity and knows her safe place. From there she can deal with the difficulties that come her way. If they are persistent, she finds a safe way to express them.

Is your mind sharp and clean enough to cut out what you don’t need?

The Sword Queen teaches us how to come home and find our joy in times of darkness. She asks us to weave ourselves into the Web of Life, so that we are strong enough to cast aside our self-inflicted suffering. She asks us to let Spirit help us, and to be patient and gentle with ourselves. Then we must choose joy and celebration for ourselves. This is the task of cutting away the darkness and giving space to the Light.

Are you ready for the challenge?

This Queen judges accurately what is a blessing and what is a burden. She defends the fragile seeds of joy.

The Sword Queen, together with Prydwen, corresponds to the Leaf Moon.

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